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English-speaking (ideally native speaker) high school guide


We are seeking a middle-school guide with a broad range of knowledge for a full-time position in a progressive democratic school in Prague, Czech Republic. Applicants should have an understanding of the democratic-free school movement and practical experience in cooperative, constructivist, student-centred learning. Teamwork, ESL teaching experience, the ability and willingness to identify and follow student interests, and a general knowledge in a range of subjects (history, art, life and physical sciences, math and social studies) are necessary. Fluency in Czech is not necessary, but a basic understanding will be helpful.

The core of this job is guiding SVS seminars (see description below), but also include lessons in other areas such as languages, math, physical education, music, and more traditional duties such as hall and lunchroom duties, and after school clubs. Guides also accompany students on two week-long trips in nature, one in the fall and one in the spring.

(SVS) Svět v souvislostech - The World in Context: An SVS guide leads five or six student-centred seminars each school year. Each seminar lasts five to six weeks, with up to ten contact hours a week in three blocks, where numerous subjects can integrated within a single theme. (For example a seminar on the Renaissance might include not only the history, but also elements of art, math, science, and social studies to give deeper understanding of the period.) The general themes are prehistory, antiquity, the middle ages, the Renaissance, the modern era, and the early and late 20th century, as well as biology, botany, zoology, geography, art, chemistry, physics, and free themes, but there is no fixed curriculum for each. Seminars are constructivist in form and often shift their focus to follow the interests and needs of students, which requires flexibility in the guide. In each seminar the students and the guide decide together what areas of a theme to cover, how they will cover it, and what type of work to complete, and how that work will be evaluated. Often students produce projects in the form of presentations, lessons, posters, plays and discussions, sometimes individually, sometimes in groups. Guides and students are encouraged to plan field trips related to their topics and themes and be out of the classroom often. Weekly assignments, though not required, may be given if decided upon by the class, and in-school time is given to complete them (homework is rarely given). Traditional grades are not given for SVS, instead students write self-evaluations and guides write evaluations based Bloom’s Taxonomy, or other criteria on which the students and the guide decided together

What we offer?

Dream job for people who want to change the world!
Meaningful, inspiring, but also demanding work with children.
Great confidence in your abilities, full respect, but also support if you need it.
Continuous quality further education.
The opportunity to create a specific form of your school together with colleagues and children and to comment on other Scio schools.
Great team and pleasant working environment.
Opportunity to learn a lot of new things.
Teambuilding events.
Employment for 1 year with the possibility of further extension.
Arrival no later than August 15, by appointment and earlier.

What needs to be done?

If you want to join us, send us your CV, in which, in addition to the usual information, list all experiences with working with children and those that seem less important (even with your own children - also an important experience).

We are already looking forward to your answers, which please send us by June 15, 2021.

You can find out more about ScioSchools at www.scioskoly.cz

Informace o pozici:

Místo pracoviště: Pod Táborem 300/7, Praha - Hrdlořezy
Typ pracovního poměru: Práce na plný úvazek
Délka pracovního poměru: Na dobu neurčitou
Typ smluvního vztahu: Pracovní smlouva, práce na živnostenský list (IČO)
Plat: 33000 - 37500 Kč/měsíc
Benefity: Bonusy/prémie, Vzdělávací kurzy, školení, Občerstvení na pracovišti, Příspěvek na vzdělání, Firemní akce, Dovolená více než 5 týdnů, Vlastní organizace náplně práce, Dog-friendly office
Požadované vzdělání: Vzdělání není podstatné
Požadované jazyky: Angličtina (Výborná)
Zadavatel: Zaměstnavatel


Místo pracoviště:

Pod Táborem 300/7, Praha - Hrdlořezy

Typ pracovního poměru:

Práce na plný úvazek

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Žaneta Sládková